I suppose people keep using it in protest.  It got old for me long before the suit happened because sites like Mininova(RIP) had better navigation.

From the interview:

Nothing has happened to the site in five years. Someone reboots a server when it crashes… The idea was for it to be a central hub and eventually letting it slowly die.

The problem is it’s still growing and at the same time everyone who was behind it has left it so it has its own life, it’s become this HAL entity that kinda runs itself. If it dies a bit more than perhaps people will go to the more decentralised systems.

Pirate Bay co-founder hopes it will die • The Register.


I want an army of these motherfuckers!!!

BallP bowling ball bot puts your sense of balance to shame video — Engadget.


The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs : We are removing Flash support from OS X.

Does mass sterilization make anyone else want to jerk off, or is it just me? 🙂

Doctors sterilise Uzbek women by stealth – Times Online.

Once again, John Stewart is spot-fucking-on and funny as hell!

Jon Stewart Rips Into Apple Over Lost iPhone Debacle. That’s Going To Leave A Mark..

Spot on, my nigga!

Tom the Dancing Bug: How to Draw God-Man – Boing Boing.

Phones, tablets, netbooks: taking stock of the HP/Palm deal.