I’m an asshole.  If you keep this in mind, most of the things I say and do will make sense or at least become more acceptable when framed within this context.  I am a Systems Administrator at a large, public university in Texas.  I love the work that I do, but I do not like the people I do it for nor do I have much respect for my management.  This sentiment will probably be an underlying theme in many of the things I post to this site so please keep that in mind in addition to my assholery.

I also have an English degree which grants me poetic license to create words such as “assholery”, “bitch-niggery” and a various other terms I decide to pull out of my ass.  Most of the things I post here will be related to computers and technology in general, but I am also interested in many other subjects so posts will be quite eclectic.  All that being said, please enjoy the site and feel free to say “hello,” “fuck you” or anything in between!


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