“It was in this country, the land of the free, that the federal government actually added as part of its Constitution a total banning of liquor, wine, and beer from sea to shining sea 1920 to 1933. The 1920s roared, in any case, with organized crime, speakeasies, police corruption, rampant criminality, and alcohol abuse.”

via Repeal the Drinking Age – Jeffrey A. Tucker – Mises Daily.


“People practice vices for what they perceive as their own happiness—not to violate the rights of another. In a free society people have the right to destroy their own lives but not those of others. When government coercion is used to promote virtue, there cannot be liberty. However, there is conduct that people might engage in under the influence of narcotics, such as impaired driving, robbery and burglary to fund their habit, and other acts that threaten the rights of others. Such acts are already criminal and should be punished.”

via Drugs, Economics, and Liberty | The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty.

They should be sterilizing more than just junkies, but this is a great start!

Sterilizing Junkies, One Country at a Time | CarnalNation.

Thoughts and prayers…

April 22, 2010

From one of my favorite drunks: “I am dead-ass sober.”  Truly tragic.  My heart goes out to you, woman!

Salvia Divinorum

Scientists mine YouTube to study effects of Salvia divinorum – Boing Boing.