“Governmental power joined with wrongheadedness is something terrible, but all too common. Realizing that many of our leaders and their constituents are economically unenlightened sheds light on the troubles that surround us.”

via Daniel Klein: Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? – WSJ.com.


I, for one, do not welcome our government overlords!

CNSNews.com – Senate Democrats Pass Bill Allowing Govt to Collect Addresses, ATM Records of Bank Customers.

This is, dare I say it, quite a fair and balanced writeup of the current state of the recording industry.  It’s so nice to know that levity still exists in parts of cyberspace.

“The large recording companies are struggling to find a new business model that is anywhere near as profitable as the old one used to be. Other parts of the music industry are doing very well,” says Oberholzer-Gee.

The Record Business Blues – Magazine – ABA Journal.

When science clashes with beliefs? Make science impotent.

“Why is this inspirational history ignored in the current controversy? I can think of only one reason. So-called progressives at heart are elitists who believe – and want you to believe – that nothing good happens without government.”

Rand Paul and the Civil Rights Act: Was he right? – CSMonitor.com.

I told you assholes that this wasn’t over. That bullshit law was just laying the foundation for the government to fuck up an already fucked-up system. Eat your cake and enjoy it while you can because it’s going to have shit icing soon enough.

Health-care law faces test as regulators settle which plans must do what.

OMG! They are lying to us! I’m appauled! 😐

How to Create the Illusion of Low Taxes | The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty.