I told you assholes that this wasn’t over. That bullshit law was just laying the foundation for the government to fuck up an already fucked-up system. Eat your cake and enjoy it while you can because it’s going to have shit icing soon enough.

Health-care law faces test as regulators settle which plans must do what.


OMG! They are lying to us! I’m appauled! 😐

How to Create the Illusion of Low Taxes | The Freeman | Ideas On Liberty.

This has gotten the fuck out of hand!!

Jolly Rancher lands Brazos ISD third-grader in detention for a week | khou.com | Khou.com – News, Houston news, Texas News, Headlines.

It’s funny(not really) how easy it is for the government to grant these types of things to people with money and lobbying power, yet things like healthcare, campaign reform, or any other item of actual importance creep along at a snail’s pace.

FCC Gives Hollywood The Right To Break Your TV/DVR… Just Cause | Techdirt.

I thought the twink was supposed to hold the luggage!!

George Alan Rekers And the Gay Prostitute He Was Counseling Overseas Collect Their Baggage / Queerty.

Yeah, you rented a twink to carry your luggage.  HAR HAR!

Christian right leader George Rekers takes vacation with “rent boy” – Page 1 – News – Miami – Miami New Times.

These assholes really need to get over themselves.

Songwriters: piracy “dwarfs bank robbery,” FBI must act.